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 Water supply announcements:
2019Years9Month19Day planned water supply announcements(09-18)
2019Years9Month2Day planned water supply announcements(09-02)
2019Years8Month27Day planned water supply announcements(08-26)
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Dynamic company
Tough on a summer day Power supply schedule[08-28]
Authorities held the first party branch2019Years“As for、...[08-28]
Overcome difficult to resist the heat High-speed water supply was completed ahead of schedule[08-14]
Xiangyang, central water2019Xiangyang city, urban water supply...[08-06]
High temperature sympathy to the construction site Fall gift bag heat send cool and refreshing[08-06]
Beginner's mind bear mission At issue progress[08-06]
Arguably li the good news[08-06]
Zhi-yong zhao FanCheng pipeline worker who made a number of awards[08-06]
Central dynamic
Bengbu(Wanbei)Water supply plumber vocational skills competition in bengbu...[07-03]
Central water become Asia Pacific water security research center in China only...[07-17]
Xiangtan central to carry out the leakage of chlorine emergency drill[06-11]
Wenzhou zhonghuan actively“Safety production month”Activities[06-11]
Hangyang will attend the 11th China environmental protection(Hangzhou)International industry...[05-23]
Central water environment pollution treatment facilities management[05-22]
Industry attention
New gb drinking water Our city water quality standard in advance[07-29]
The loss of three hundred million euros[11-30]
The national development and reform commission:Excess progressive surcharges for ladder water price[06-28]
Tianjin binhai new area of north pond formally opened to the water recycled water[05-23]
Beijing:This year plans to invest30One hundred million yuan for water infrastructure is built...[05-23]
Policies and regulations
“Low”Users enjoy preferential policies pay sewage disposal...
Xiangfan price bureau announcement(No. 4)
The service guide
Reporting users need to prepare materials
Customer reporting service flow chart
The price of water supply
Ladder water price calculation method
Water meter、Change its name
Chargeable business network
In party affairs
The company organized2018The annual“Two to talkR...
Company organization2018In ehs knowledge competition
Xiangyang water co., LTD., central party committee to carry out the party members、The party workers...
Xiangyang, central water implement xi jinping visited hubei general secretary...
The company actively carry out movement for disciplinary construction activities
Youth corps committee to carry out revolutionary tradition education activities
FanCheng irs、Xiangyang, central water“As for、Vigorously promotes...
Xiangyang, central water2017Years2In party construction...
The cultivation of clean government
Xiangyang, central water co., LTD., the populace“Face to face、Listen to them...
Water saving little common sense(09-04)
Pipeline engineering completion(20...(09-04)
Household table transformation and network maintenance...(09-04)
To deal with the user calls(20...(09-04)
Water saving little common sense(08-02)
Pipeline engineering completion(20...(08-02)
Household table transformation and network maintenance...(08-02)
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Public guidelinesOpen directory
Suggested proposals to deal withThe program plan
According to apply for publicA public report
Around the production and business operation center Performance of the tube party party...
Implementation of xiangyang, central water co., LTD“Make it...
Strengthen the role and responsible xiangyang, central water co., LTD...
Xiangyang, central, strengthen the role and a good job implementing scheme
Xiangyang, central water co., LTD2014The annual...
Together The water supply“Busy year”
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